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آموزش مجازی آمادگی آزمون TOEFL

1- TOEFL Exam Preparation Course

Familiarity with test <b class="highlight"> Language </ b> English TOEFL 7000 Colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and other parts of the world, it is necessary. Foreigners are also professional occupations, to continue their professional activities in the U.S. and Canada on a regular basis to require a TOEFL Rating. آزمون تافل (TOEFL) By services assess academic (ETS) Princeton University (Princeton) Will be held. In this test, the skills of listening, speaking, writing, and comprehension of English is evaluated. Scores on this test for admission in this university is valid for two years.. Practices..

پيام تبريك روز جهاني مترجم

2- Congratulation World Translator

Education Foundation Forums congratulated on the occasion of the International Day of translation every year, equal to thirty-ninth of September and October is celebrated by the international federation of translators, with training courses associated with this topic, translators and enthusiasts world. Courses to introduce: Comprehensive Grammar Zshy language training courses English.

دوره آموزشی مدیریت حرفه ای کسب و کار

3- دوره آموزشی مدیریت عالی و حرفه ای کسب و کار DBA

...ا حد زيادي به مخاطبان ياد مي دهد چگونه در بازار رقابتي و حرفه ای مدیریت کسب و کارها همواره بهترين باشند. The audience * Different levels of managers and companies * Experts and companies Prerequisite courses, professional management business(DBA): Dear applicants who wish to enroll in this course must have the business management courses(MBA ) And have passed the TOEFL exam prep courses or participate simultaneously .(Mba management are the ones related to education or training Language English equivalents 100 Hours can be completed and submitted their documents, without the need for professional management training business(DBA) Register.) ...

مقاله آموزشی آشنایی با MBA

4- Introducing article MBA

....hk/sfaa"> www.info.gov.hk/sfaa • Insead/ABN-Amro Global Loan Programme www.insead.edu FindLaw www.findlaw.com آزمون هاي GMAT و TOFEL     GMAT registration www.gmat.org • Graduate Management Admission Council www.gmac.com• Kaplan Test Prep London www.kaptest.com/uk • Kaplan Test Prep Paris www.kaptest.com/france • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Registration www.toefl.org • TOEFL Information Bulletins www.toefl.org • Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program www.worldbank.org • NatWest MBA Loan Scheme www.natwest-loans.co.uk • Nellie Mae www.nelliemae.com • Sallie Mae www.salliemae.com • United States MBA Tuition Loan Program (TLP) www.gmac.com MBA در آسيا و استراليا Asian MBA ...

مقاله آموزشی فنون تدریس زبان انگلیسی

5- English language teaching techniques tutorial

...یلی ابتدایی شروع کردم و به سوالات خیلی پیشرفته اتمام دادم. سه بخش عمده توانش زبانی عبارت اند از نحوه ی صحبت کردن صحبت کردن در زمینه خاص توانش درک سخن بخش اول نحوه صحبت کردن: In the language of the three mentioned above, I asked a simple question below : So, What time did you get up this morning ? Ahmad(High intermediate level) : I wake up at nine o’clock. It Will Be(Advance level) : I opened my eyes to the world at nine o’clock. Are(TOEFL IBT 89):Well actually to be honest, if the truth be told I opened my eyes to the world at nine o’clock. That would be all. Halil reply: با وجود اینکه هر سه آن ها تقریبا در یک بازه زمانی از خواب بیدار شدند ولی پاسخ نفر دوم از نفر اول بهتر بود و زیبا ترین پاسخ متعلق به نفر سوم بود. اصل همه ی جواب ها ساعت 9 بود ولیکن نفر سوم قبل از شروع از کلیشه های زیبای زیر استفاده کرده است Well actually to be honest خوب اگه بخوام صادق باشم I...

آموزش مجازی آمادگی آزمون TOEFL

6- آموزش مجازی آمادگی آزمون TOEFL

آموزش مجازی آمادگی آزمون TOEFL...