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دوره آموزشی flash

1- Flash training

The training is part of the Flash software for creating animation, banner design and .. Become familiar. با گذراندن این دوره به طور کامل با این نرم افزار آشنا شده و توانایی و تسلط کامل برای کار با این نرم افزار را دارا خواهید بود. Although Flash generally designing and building web pages and Banner advertising is used, but in making motion pictures today of this program is simple and easy multimedia software also widely. In general we can say Flash is a type of wrench on the computer ....

آموزش مجازی گرافیک کامپیوتری

2- Graphic and Web Design

Meaning Web Design What is the. Several factors are involved in website design. Skills such as graphic design, website programming, etc.. برخی افراد نوع معماری وب سایت یا همان نوع طبقه بندی و دسترسی اطلاعات سایت را مهم میدانند و برخی دیگر راحتی استفاده از سایت را مهم میدانند. Thus, the combination of Library Science in Web Design, Graphic Design, Programming, Networking, User Interface Design, and many other diverse as. In Web Design range is broad and multidimensional. Definition of Web Design There are five main sections in Web Design: Content - This section contains information and their classification. Web content such as HTML structure developed by the. Visual - این قسمت از وب سایت م...

آموزش نرم افزار اندروید

3- Android Software Training

This tutorial will acquaint the student learning is presented in conjunction with the Android software, hoping that the virtual classroom training, distance learning articles, books and was selected for all you dear service activities helpful the. What is Android? What is Android Programming?  Android (Android) The following is a mobile operating system developed by Google Inc. It is. این سیستم عامل اوپن سورس است و برپایه هست...