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Computer graphics

آموزش مجازی دوره آموزش گرافيک كامپيوتري

1- دوره آموزش گرافيک كامپيوتري

Computer graphics or computer graphics the (Computer graphics) Computer science is one of the oldest branches of the draw, modify, and work with computational methods and computer sends images. One of the largest applications of computers and computer graphics Prjazbhtryn. Computer game programs, two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation building, computational simulation, and image processing is the instance name. ...

فرق گرافیک رایانه ای با چند رسانه ای

2- Difference between computer graphics and multimedia

This tutorial to familiarize students with different learning about computer graphics and multimedia, is presented, it is hoped a virtual classroom training, distance learning articles,. Difference between computer graphics and multimedia (multimedia) Multimedia includes methods of storing, displaying and transmitting video information via text and hypertext[1], Graphic, image, sound, animation[2] And video. سیستم چند رسانه‌ای سیستمی ‌است که بوسیله رایانه کنترل می‌شود، تمام اجزای آن درو...