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کشاورزی و دامپروری

15 آبان سالروز جشن میانه پاییز

1- 15 October anniversary celebration of Mid-Autumn

...) Chronology of the greatest achievements in the world, according to the. Gâhanbârs Ayasrm / Celebrate Mid-Autumn: Theresienstadt during the Gâhanbârs the day to day Anaram god Mithras from October (September is the seventh month of the summer according to the calendar of ancient Persia) Oct. 20 is equal to 25. The name Gahan times Avestan word "Ayasrymh" has been . The beginning of a cold, and holding it in life Agriculture and grazing flocks from pasture to summer when they return to their winter location. The traditional belief of the Zoroastrians, Gâhanbârs Ayasrm sometimes when God created plants. The Gâhanbârs well as in the other figures in the same manner Gahnbarhay home or public forums to be held. In general, the religious element of this celebration of reading "Celebration" (Read Jashan) And pray that the <b class="highlight"> Web </ b> Don doing and celebrated audience (Jashan) دست یکدیگر را می گیرند و هماز...