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ساخت چشم سه بعدی

1- Construction of three-dimensional eye

The researchers were able to generate artificial eyes with three-dimensional printing technology that can dramatically reduce the cost of the method made it possible to produce 150 Eye for an hour makes. The report, quoted by the ISNA news letter, the design of artificial eyes made very time consuming and expensive to produce each eye four thousand and 900 Dollars. But with the help of three-dimensional printing technology can be an hour 150 Artificial Eye to Eye artifact produced at a lower cost, and in this way the cost of one eye 160 The dollar declined. Manchester Metropolitan collaboration with Fripp Design of three-dimensional printing technology for making artificial eyes are like real. Digital design with eye structure, flexible dentures are produced with the aid of three-dimensional version of eye protection. روش ساخت چشم با فناوری چاپ سه بعدی بویژه در بخش طراحی سفارش...