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Installing Light Speed

آموزش نصب سرور لایت اسپید

1- Server Installation Light Speed

Installing Virtual Server Lite Speed ​​Paper presented to the school with us : Web Server Lite Speed ​​is the world's premier commercial web server and is compatible with most operating systems Linux . <B Class=highlight> this website </ B> server also good compatibility with popular web hosting control panels like cPanel or Directadmin or Plesk's World . In this section we discuss the installation of light speed server . The best way to install the Web server plug-in light-speed server control panel for use with the Control Panel is .   آموزش نصب لایت اسپید برای دانلود پلاگین های لایت اسپید مخصوص ۳ کنترل پنل مشهور سی پنل ، دایرکت ادمین و پل...