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1- About Petroleum Engineering

دپارتمان آموزش مجازی شرکت جهت علاقه مندان به این دوره ی آموزشی توضیحاتی در این رابطه ارائه داده است. To register for this short period of training and was teaching certificate valid in this context to the ( Course Registration ) Visit. Thanks Initial introduction Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Engineering and trends Nature of Work Petroleum engineers seek to discover oil or natural gas are. After the discovery of such resources in cooperation with petroleum engineers, geologists and other specialists, structural geology and rock properties contain reserves and drilling have defined a method to control the drilling operations. In order to achieve the maximum amount of oil and gas, Equipment and procedures designed to. مه...

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2- Introduction to Petroleum Engineering

Knowledge in the field of petroleum engineering, and specialized courses related to different orientations. در واقع به ياري اين ماده حياتي است که کوچکترين موتور ماشين تا غول‌آساترين ناوگان‌هاي سنگين به حرکت در مي‌آيد و هزاران نوع توليدات و مصنوعات صنايع سنگين و جديد پتروشيمي، کودهاي شيميايي، فرآورده‌هاي دارويي،‌ پارچه‌ها و الياف مصنوعي، ‌پلاستيک‌ها،‌ چسب‌ها،‌ فرآورده‌هاي بهداشتي و آرايشي و پوشش‌هاي استحفاظي ساخته مي‌شود. Fortunately for our country in the heart of the oil-rich Persian Gulf rests as one of the largest oil and gas resource is considered. Therefore, efficient utilization of manpower training and God-given right and optimization of assets and respond to the future needs of the country's oil industry is essential. به ه...