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1- Training Course Administration of Urban Affairs

urban affairs management course : The combination of management, organization of work relating to planning, organizing, mobilizing resources, guidance and control to be associated within the city limits . مفهومي که در کشور هاي مختلف به دليل ساختار هاي سياسي و رويکرد هاي اقتصادي ، نهاد هاي متفاوتي را با الگو هاي متفاوتي در خود درگير دارد . Der cases کh Bernamh Rize accurate and studied, the cause of economic rationality, political and install Afsaich Mcharکt Chehrondan Dramor months Maگrdd, Hکst der resolve problems and issues monthly, the reason for the stagnation of economic, social and Narzaita Hai political, poverty, vandalism and Baکara perimeter Zeist Juahd tighten . ...