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مجلات بين المللی

نحوه ارسال مقاله براي مجلات بين المللی

1- How to submit articles for international journals

Submission for foreign magazines usually occurs three: ۱. Through the online system. 2. BL via email by Srdber 3. BL through the magazine website. موسسه آي اس آي تحت برند ScholarOne خدمات دريافت مقاله از محقق و تحويل آن به دفتر مجله را انجام مي دهد. What do you do to convert tomcat 100 In this article, 3000 Dollars per delivery 200 In this article 6000 Will receive $. Thus you will enter your site and create an email like Yahoo or Google, and you registered a username and password, you define for themselves. The magazine will be a separate username and password. The site address is: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/??? به جاي علامت سوال ها...