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Foundations of Entrepreneurship


1- دوره آموزشی مبانی کارآفرینی

Wonderful period. Entrepreneurs are people who create new products and services required by the public good income gain. Generally believed that entrepreneurs are skilled in start-up companies, however, from any business, create Karjdyd. Despite the risks, too, are pioneering new works. Since many features of the various sources has been recognized for entrepreneurs. آمادگی برای پذیرش خطر و تمایل به استقلال و داشتن اعتماد به‌نفس عمده‌ترین موارد در این زمینه به شمار ...

آموزش مجازی مبانی کارآفرینی

2- Entrepreneurship Theory and Principles

This tutorial to familiarize students with the fundamentals of learning about entrepreneurship is presented, it is hoped, virtual classroom training, distance learning articles, books presented. Overview and concepts of entrepreneurship (Globalization of the economy and( فن آوری) مباحث اساسی در خصوص راه کارهای مختلف برای ...

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