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کشف مولکول فوتونی

1- کشف مولکول فوتونی

Scientists from MIT and Harvard University showed that in certain circumstances, photons can interact with each other and form molecules. Such groups of photons called "photonic molecule" an entirely new form of matter that make up until recently were only theoretical aspects. The material properties of light solids combines. Professor Michael Lvkyn, leader of the research team, said in this regard: When these photons, which interact with each other to deflect press and. In general, it is said, photons are massless and do not interact with each other.. While some of these claims is true, the new discovery would violate the second part, it is shown that photons can be prepared in a manner to act as if they interact. دانشمندان حاضر در این مطالعه نخست اتم های روبیدیوم را ...