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غنی سازی نوشیدنی ها توسط فناوری نانو

1- Beverages enriched by nanotechnology

University of Tehran University in collaboration with researchers in Belgium using nanotechnology to provide a suitable method for the enrichment of beverages in beverage industry and pharmaceutical applications. According to Mehr News Agency, many of the ingredients come handy especially as carotenoids, vitamins, fat-soluble and lipophilic phenolic compounds are often. Hydrophobic nature of these compounds by adding them into the liquid fat-free foods and drinks, especially drinks makes it almost impossible to clear. In this regard, Tehran University, in collaboration with researchers at Ghent University in Belgium conducted a study in this area. In this research model consists of four bioactive compound, curcumin, vitamin D, folic acid and beta carotene using adsorbent interactions were Nanvpvshany. در این مطالعه از ویژگی ترابری ذاتی بتالاکتوگلوبولین در انتقال مواد مغذی ...