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Welding defects

آموزش بازرسی جوش

1- Welding Inspection Training

...و نیز جهت تشخیص و تعیین سرعت رشد این نقصها در طول عمر قطعه یا دستگاه ، داشتن وسائل مطمئن ضروری است. Some defects are found in the source materials and components are : - Defects which may arise during the production of raw materials or production castings (Slag impurities, gas holes, shrinkage cavities, cracks and tension ... ) - Defects which may arise during production (Mechanical defects, imperfections, heat treatment, welding defects, cracks due to residual stresses and ...) - Defects which may arise during assembly (Loss of parts, improper assembly, extra stress cracks ...) - Defects that account for transport to come (Fatigue, corrosion, wear, creep, and thermal instability. ...) Different methods of nondestructive tests in practice many different ways can be used to troubleshoot. اعتبار هر روش آزمون غیرمخرب سنجشی از کارایی آن روش در رابطه با آشکارسازی نوع و شکل و اندا...