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Age of second language learning

بهترين سن يادگيري زبان دوم

1- The best age to learn a second language

This tutorial will acquaint the student learning in relation to age language learning II is presented, it is hoped, virtual classroom training, distance learning articles, books presented. The best age to learn a second language Children 6 Months and gradually learn their native language and with any language that sets new word, their mother and their father Zvqzdh. My time by age 3 Oh 4 سالگي مي‌رسند، بعضي والدين نام آنها را در مهدكودك‌هاي دو زبانه مي‌نويسند تا فرزندشان از همان كودكي با يك زبان ديگر، مثلا انگليسي يا فرانسوي آشنا شود و با پا گذاشتن به سن و سال مدرسه، بعضي‌ها فرزندشان ر...