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ریز ربات

الهام از عروس دریایی در ساخت ریز ربات دریایی

1- Tiny Robots Inspired Bride offshore marine construction

U.S. researchers have developed tiny little robot the ability to fly and float in the air like a bride offshore movement patterns are. این ربات کوچک به وزن دو گرم از چهار بال نازک تشکیل شده است که از طریق یک سیم باریک به منبع تأمین انرژی متصل هستند و حرکت بال ها را امکانپذیر می کنند. The main challenge in building this robot, designed for thin wings like the wings of fruit flies is inherently less wind <b class="highlight"> loans </ b> are. The robot for autonomous take-off and floating in the air, but scientists are planning the next version of flying autonomous robots will provide. With air circulation beneath the wings, the robot ship floating in the air as the bride will be the Ryzrbat can be used to monitor pollution and air quality control. این ریزربات که توسط دو محقق موسسه ...