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روز بسیج

5 آذر مصادف با روز بسیج مستضعفان

1- 5 December Day Mobilization of the Oppressed

Week mobilization was great sacrifices that have been made to honor the land. Mobilization, unity, understanding, determination and devotion of Muslims that Islam and the Muslim nation has grown. Alamin Imam Khomeini intelligent, faithful God and justice to millions of people, only in the present age was mobilized recrystallization. This article contains messages that each corner of the program, characteristics and aspirations are associated with mobilization. Endurance and sustained mobilization and suffering of road racing action in the right way, the essential features to achieve divine values. Holy Grail, the human resistance is on track to meet its. Mobilized with his deep insight, motivation for trying to make people's lives in the. راستی گفتار، درستی عمل و اخلاص قلبی بسیجیان، زمانی مُهر تأیید می خورد که بردبار باشند و قدمی به عقب برن...