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1- Playing field on Iranian

... عناصر تئوری می‌باشند .اهمیت اصوات در موسیقی مانند اهمیت رنگ در نقاشی است . But the sound of music can not be used. Sounds of the musicians are divided into two categories:. Ghyrmvsyqyayy musical sounds and noises. Musical sounds have characteristics that will be later referred to this feature if you hear no sound Ghyrmvsyqyayy Mhs Web is . Iranian playing field, a Bachelor. Considering the needs of the Muslim community in the country music field properties. Trained and committed Work in the field of higher education through academic needs. پذیرش در این دوره منوط به موفقیت در آزمون عملی و مصاحبه کارشناسی رشته نوازندگی ساز ایرانی ...