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Field of urban management

درباره ي رشته مديريت اجرايي

1- About the Executive Management

...مختلف و به خصوص رشته‌های فنی و مهندسی وارد این دوره می‌شوند و باید به مبانی و اصول مدیریت عملی و دانش روز مدیریت در حوزه‌های مختلف آشنا شوند. Minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 years duration and number of units required for the graduate course is 57., But EMBA has 34 Units with a maximum 10 The unit is a prerequisite universities offering courses in urban management - Free The orientation of the university in the last four years (87-88-89-90) Science and Research was established in Tehran. Urban management volunteers must be at least 5 Years work experience, preferably in the field of urban studies or urban services after obtaining the bachelor's and graduate courses and the lack of success in this course is to study the conditions of entry interview. Lessons goal ...

آموزش مجازی مدیریت شهری

2- On the field of urban management

دپارتمان آموزش مجازی شرکت جهت علاقه مندان به این دوره ی آموزشی توضیحاتی در این رابطه ارائه داده است. To register for this short period of training and a valid teaching certificate in the field of the ( Course Registration ) Visit. ( در نظر داشته باشید احتمال دارد بر طبق نظر استاد مربوطه سرفصل ها و یا محتوای دوره ها با آنچه در این صفحه به صورت کلی شرح داده شده است متفاوت باشد.) Management , is likened to a tree whose branches are as diverse as industrial management, financial management, and because of this, there is a new branch of the tree, urban management. It is clear that the characteristics and structure of legal institutions governing the city, from country to country, and every community is different, according to the economic, social and political, T. ...