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Photography Course

آموزش مجازی رشته عکاسی

1- On the field of photography

دپارتمان آموزش مجازی شرکت جهت علاقه مندان به این دوره ی آموزشی توضیحاتی در این رابطه ارائه داده است. To register for this short period of training and a valid teaching certificate in the field of the ( Course Registration ) Visit. Thanks First introduced in the field of photography Photography: Received and recorded by a photographic process images light onto a light-sensitive surface, such as negative (the movie) Or an electronic sensor, it is. Light patterns reflected or emitted from objects on photosensitive surfaces (Silver halide or sensor) Impact and will cause recorded images. Three aspects of photographic science, technology and art. عکاسی به‌عنوان یک پدیدهٔ علمی متولد...