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Top ranked universities

 نظام URAP آخرین رتبه بندی دانشگاه های برتر جهان را اعلام کرد

1- URAP latest rankings of the world's top universities

...Ann Hopkins with a hike over 2012 AD, has won second place in the world's top universities and the University of Toronto in Canada, the United States of America, Berkeley, Stanford University and the University of Oxford in England ranks third and sixth, respectively, have the. Mehrdad added: Results 689 Europe's top universities, Oxford has won first place in the ranking of top universities is the world's sixth. University of Cambridge, Imperial College, London College of Copenhagen in order to have the second to fifth. Doctor said Jafar Mehrad: Among the top universities in Asia, University of Tokyo ranked first in Asia and ranks the world's top ten universities to have been. Kyoto University, Seoul National University of Singapore and Osaka, Japan, respectively..