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Computer and Internet Courses

معرفی رشته مهندسی کامپیوتر

1- Introduction to Computer Engineering

Computer engineering deals with the design and construction of various computer components, it is of great importance in today's world. The purpose of this course is to train experts in analysis, design, construction and commissioning of new hardware devices and sets, study and understanding of hardware and software, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of . Design, simulation, production, processing, assessment, teaching, editing, etc. are all concepts with the highest accuracy and the shortest time possible computer software programs are conducted. The purpose of this course is to train experts for the above. * گرايش‌ها و ابعاد مختلف اين رشته در کارشناسي ارشد اين رشته در مقطع ارشد داراي چهار گرايش معماري کا...

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2- The best online universities in the world according to various academic disciplines

Field of Study Academic Accounting 1- دانشگاه Minnesota-Twin Cities 2- University of Washington 3- Regis University Business Management 1- دانشگاه Michigan-Ann Arbor 2- University of Florida 3- University of Alabama Computer Science 1 - Oregon State University 2- دانشگاه Saint Scholastica 3- Regis University Justice Sciences 1- دانشگاه Saint Louis 2- University of Alabama 3- Pennsylvania State University Science Education 1- دانشگاه Findlay 2- دانشگاه North Carolina-Wilmington 3- Regis University ...