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Business Management Training Course

دوره آموزشی مدیریت بازرگانی (business management)

1- Business Management Training Course (business management)

Business management is the most important part of corporate management when a company can establish a good business relationship between our customers and Khrydaransh be a successful business manager . فردی که مدیریت بازرگانی یک بنگاه اقتصادی را به عهده می گیرد در جذب مشتریان و عرضه و معرفی صحیح و اصول محصول یا خدمات یک شرکت تلاش می کند و به طور طبیعی مدیر بازرگانی فردی است که نقش اساسی در سود و زیان شرکتها دارد . دوره کارشناسی مدیریت بازرگانی یکی از دوره های تحصیلی آموزش عالی است و هدف از تشکیل این دوره آموزش نیروی انسانی متخصص مورد نیاز سازمانها، اداره ها، موسسه ها و شرکتهای دولتی و خصوصی در زمینه بازرگانی با وظایف و هدفهای گوناگون در سطوح کارشناسی می باشد. The purpose of this course is to hold : آشنایی دقیق با وظایف اساسی سازمانهای بازرگانی...


2- International Business Management course

The last time a major impetus in the international business community needs and profits, with the passage of time and now a major impetus in this area is the key goals of political and economic. Management is the international business, all business activities in the areas of goods and services based on modern trade policy between different states are done. Purpose of this course is to create prosperity through the interdependence of. There's Danshpzyran training with the whole process of foreign trade ( واردات و صادرات ) به صورت کاربردی آشنا میشوند که شامل سرفصلهای زیر میباشد: Understanding import and export process in Iran.

معرفی کامل رشته مدیریت و گرایشهای آن

3- Full introduction to the field of management and trends

Management Specialties is one of the most attractive of the series and its various tendencies of many other graduates have attracted intense competition between candidates is causing. Trends in the field of: مدیریت مالی: This course enables graduates to work in the Department of Management and Finance and Audit public and private companies will be. Commercial : Graduates of this course will enable the organization to manage the business and marketing to work. ...

بهترین دانشگاه‌های آنلاین جهان با توجه به رشته‌های تحصیلی مختلف

4- The best online universities in the world according to various academic disciplines

Field of Study Academic Accounting 1- دانشگاه Minnesota-Twin Cities 2- University of Washington 3- Regis University Business Management 1- دانشگاه Michigan-Ann Arbor 2- University of Florida 3- University of Alabama Computer Science 1 - Oregon State University 2- دانشگاه Saint Scholastica 3- Regis University Justice Sciences 1- دانشگاه Saint Louis 2- University of Alabama 3- Pennsylvania State University Science Education 1- دانشگاه Findlay 2- دانشگاه North Carolina-Wilmington 3- Regis University ...

دوره آموزشی مدیریت بازرگانی (business management)

5- Business Management Training Course (business management)

Business Management Training Course (business management)...