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Automation Training Course

آموزش مجازی اتوماسيون و ابزار دقيق

1- Automation and Instrumentation Course

Instrumentation, control and automation system in the form of infrastructure and includes tools such as : Controller variety shows, transmitters, recorders, etc.. It is the task of measuring instruments, transmission, display, recording and control of important physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, and ... Industrial processes to bear on the exact form. همان گونه كه از اسم اتوماسیون بر مي آيد حوزه اتوماسيون صنعتي در بر گيرنده گستره وسيعي از تجهيزاتي است كه وظيفه اتوماتيك كردن را در صنعت به دوش دارند . Ttaghizzati peer Kintrl Cunnindh Hai logic Bernamh Rize O idiomatically (PLC), All kinds of remote control, shaft Aynkvdr, and Praksymyty sensors can be classified in this area. During this period has been attempted because of all the skills to use computer technology ...