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About the MBA

درباره رشته MBA

1- About the MBA Program

... آن دارد تا راهکارهایی نو برای تلفیق بازاریابی بین الملل ، تجارت الکترونیک و روشهای رو به رشد کسب و کار برای ارتقاء سازمان ارائه نماید. Looking to hire executive management quality and financial tools, systems management and development, innovation, tries to assist the organization in achieving its goals. * about MBA Definition and objectives of MBA Program Equivalent to the Master of Business Administration Master of Management )MBA ) In order to foster efficient administrators to manage economic organizations - Social, products and services are designed. MBA or Master of Business Administration degree career as the name suggests, not only of Business Administration. Since management education in three main categories of business..