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About Language # C

درباره ی زبان #C بخش1

1- About Language # C Part 1

Introduction C # (C#) It is a new programming language by Microsoft at the beginning of the new millennium, was introduced. The syntax of the language (Syntax) Much like the programming languages ​​C and C and Java (Java) And of course, after all they are designed. So many useful properties of these languages ​​preserve and enhance the character and tried to eliminate their negative. The reality is more functional programming language, the more complicated it becomes even more languages. So it can also be Language C as the most powerful and yet most advanced programming language to learn. در دهه 70 Released in C language. After the great success of the language and experiences..

درباره ی زبان #C بخش2

2- About Language # C Part 2

Defining methods in C # In this episode we reach one of the major issues of programming in C #. Methods in C # or as functions in the language C, an object or class members are set to perform a series of tasks. Suppose that in your application, be part of a specific mathematical operations and this section of code that contains several lines will also be on the program is called repeatedly. Order to plan for them, and instead of packing functions can be repeated several lines, only the name of the package ( Follow ) Parameters can call it. CNN der Harپ Iike continued portrayed by definition Minister Mai CHAUDES : (Type and parameter names) Type the name of the function subject to availability } In his body continued { ...