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Between DBA and PHD

تفاوت DBA و PHD مدیريت چيست؟

1- Between DBA and PHD is the management?

DBA(Degree of Doctor of Business Administration ) مخفف عبارت Doctorate of Business Administration است DBA . A PhD research that focus on trade and business practices are applied . Level courses in the DBA ( Like Ph.D. ) Much higher postgraduate courses . Select D.B.A. یا Ph.D. ? Research in D.B.A. Topics focus on business applications and the results of such research profession directly related to the student's . The theoretical and practical research . Thesis D.B.A. In terms of level of difficulty, effort is required, and knowledge of monitoring and evaluation data are quite similar Ph.D thesis. است . Ph.D. Deals with the theory advanced and more suitable for those who want professional researcher and university lecturer are . (Different than DBA ...