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تصویب قانون اساسی

12 آذر سالروز تصویب قانون اساسی جمهوری اسلامی ایران

1- 12 Anniversary of the adoption of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran December

...هندس بازرگان مواجه شد. Businessman held since before the Revolution, the Constituent Assembly has been promised to the people, lest they should be formed in this chamber posterior to the promise of this revolution can be written as. But opponents, the Constituent Assembly whose members were probably over 300 people, and the choice of the time demanded for the period of time deemed appropriate and requested expedited approval of the constitution in the. By insisting on the necessity or non-necessity, Bazargan and the Constituent Assembly escalates conflicts, discuss the vote on the draft was met with confusion until Ayatollah Taleghani proposed in the middle of the two brought up majlesi is smaller than the Constituent Assembly, consisting of the elites in . It offers the promise of a constituent assembly to explain partly covered and also due to the lower number of members - کمتر ...