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Theories of Leadership

معرفي كتاب تئوری‌های رهبری و مدیریت آموزشی

1- Book reviews theories of leadership and management training

Virtual Training Company's research and development department with books and book reading culture approach attempts to present this book to inform those interested in the study of the chapter and the contents of. There is Mmnd users please read the rest of this book is to inform users of the quality of your comments and content on this page please publish. نویسنده : Tony Bush Interpreter : Nima Shahidi Interpreter : Abbasid Abd Interpreter : M. Jalalvandi Interpreter : Leila Sfayyfkhry Interpreter : Amydly Hosseinzadeh Interpreter : Cyrus Hdadnya ♦ Thread : Schools - Management and organization Educational Leadership Organizational Behavior ♦ Publishers : شرح ♦ <b class="highlight">زبان</b> کتاب : Persian ♦ is complete : Educational organizations, including organizations that have specific functions underlying Bhlhaz greatest social, cultural, economic and scientific world are. Understanding mechanisms..