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1- Troubleshooting of Wireless LAN

...و آیا فراموش نکرده اید که آن را روشن نمائید؟ همچنین پیش از سر و کله زدن با تجهیزات Wi-Fi خود مطمئن شوید که اتصال اینترنت شما بطور صحیح کار می کند. If all these are done correctly, the time to follow the steps. Turn Wi-Fi. This can be related to the wireless router or PC, but PC's are usually the culprit. For example, many <b class="highlight"> PC </ b> Laptop, with a way to turn off Wi-Fi, to reduce their power consumption or the use of computers within an aircraft's safe. Sometimes this is done by a software setting, but often a small switch on the part of the body that is responsible for Laptops responsibility. این سوئیچ معمولاً دارای یک...