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برنامه نویسی uml


1- Programming language training uml

uml includes a number of graphical elements that are formed from combinations UML diagrams . The purpose of using different diagrams in UML, providing different views of the system. As civil engineers to build a variety of buildings, building plans are prepared, we use different features of UML diagrams, we obtain the desired software. The one thing you should notice is that : UML model describes what a system should do, but does not say anything about how to implement the system. According to UML supporting software development today using software such as Visio, Enterprise Architecture and rational rose you can draw UML diagrams directly from your charts into your database code (The software structure of your code, you can produce!) این نرم افزارها همچنین کد برنامه شما را گرفته و نمودارهای UML برنامه را تولید م...