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Safety at Height


1- Work at Height Safety Training

...ارگران : 1. Never stop working at height alone . 2. Never place the equipment arbitrarily chosen not to connect other ppe . 3. Before starting work, inspect your premises to protect Vvsayl Bazdyddashth. 4. If any problems are identified during the Vayrady immediately notify the director of their safety . 5. The care and maintenance of equipment and facilities and other ppe be diligent work . A.B.C.D ایمنی در ارتفاع A:Anchorage junction Important role in the PFAS (PERSONAL FALL ARREST SYSTEM ) This site safety manager selection is Vtayyd. Least resistance factor of this place 2250 Kg. Junction must be greater than the individual workplace., This place is not just PPE for connection to other equipment such as scaffolding and suspended .... ! B:Body harness belt ...