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ISO 20252

آموزش مجازی مباحث سیستم تحقیقات بازاری ISO 20252

1- Topics Market Research Systems ISO 20252

If organizations could implement market research, show the best performance is a powerful motivator for customers to potential competitors. ISO 20252 A new international standard that will replace existing national standards and a common level of quality is determined by market research globally. The standard terms and conditions with the requirements of market research services to organizations and professionals are doing makes clear, especially when they work in an international scale. Behavioral, social, cultural and international research between countries makes it very difficult. Implementation and certification of management systems, Quality according to ISO 20252 سازمان ها را قادر می سازد این تفاوت ها را متعادل کرده و مطالعات تحقیقاتی برون مرزی و چند ملیتی انجام دهند با اطمینان به این...