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ISO 13053

آموزش مجازی مباحث سیستم پیاده سازی شش سیگما ISO 13053

1- Topics systems implement Six Sigma ISO 13053

ISO standard 13053 ، برای سازمان ها و ارگان هایی که از فرآیند تولید و خدمات و فرآیند ها ی معاملاتی بهره می بیند بسیار مناسب است . Six Sigma uses the information to improve the quality and standard are presented in two parts. . Six Sigma originally by Motorola in 1986 Was developed to make production processes to manufacture products without defect ( 99.99966 Percentage of healthy products) Improve . استاندارد ایزو 13053 The best model for each phase of the methodology 6 Sigma, during the implementation of a proposed project and also explain how Management is a Six Sigma project, the set of rules and roles, expertise and training of personnel involved in such projects . شش سیگما عملیاتی شش س...