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Types of e-learning

انواع یادگیری الکترونیکی

1- Types of e-learning

Internet as a source of learning and respond to individual needs is. With the growth of the Internet and the rise of e-learning that combine multiple requests per day, traditional and electronic learning to be responsible for this area. مسئله قابل توجه در این زمینه این است که حتی کسانی که به طراحی یادگیری الکترونیکی مشغول هستند با سوالاتی نظیر این که یادگیری الکترونیکی چیست و یا این که به چند نوع یا چند گونه تقسیم می شود مواجه هستند. The use of technology to manage and organize the learning process and learning called e-learning. E-learning systems must have three characteristics: E-learning systems have to be flexible, be open and distributed. ...