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Types of Curriculum

آموزش مبانی برنامه ریزی درسی

1- Foundations of Education Curricula

...دار راهی که فرد باید طی کند تا به هدف یادگیری برسد. Definitions of Curriculum · All experiences, readings, discussions, individual and group activities, and other actions under the supervision and guidance the school gives students. (Shariatmadari) · The curriculum includes content and the formal and that the school will be supervised Yadgyrndgah. (Ronald Dahl) Types of Curriculum General curriculum in both official (Apparent) And informal (پنهان) Divide - is. Formal curriculum or explicitly refers to a program that has been running in schools and every moment of the little bag that can be informed. مانند محتوای درسی ریاضی سال سوم راهنمایی که مقدار ساعت آن در هفته و کتاب آن، معلم آن، مدرسه آن و ...، همه مشخص است. Complex learning program constitutes one of the hidden curriculum. به هیچ وجه نمی­توان از مقدار و...