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Speed ​​Up Laptop

راهکار افزایش سرعت لپ تاپ تا چندین برابر

1- Solution several times to speed up laptop

After several months <b class="highlight"> probably noticed that the speed of the PC </ b> or does your laptop has the feel that your commands are executed more rapidly and are waiting for an awful pause. What is the remedy?! Do I need to reinstall the system again Amlman?! With the vast amount of applications that my privacy information on a computer hard drive is closed, what Karknym?! The answer to that computer or permanent regiments, and a few seconds, there are many reasons. It is better to be optimistic that this Mksha due to the wide applications Amlman system and the way to resolve this problem, we find. Ytyrsan along with you to see how Lptapman computer or from a horrible situation that is already out safely ... Clean Dsktaptan. ...