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ISO standard 14046

آموزش مجازی مباحث مدیریت مصرف آب ISO 14046

1- Water management issues ISO 14046

ISO standard 14046 Principles, requirements and guidelines related to assessing the water footprint of products, processes and organizations will be determined based on life cycle assessment. This standard can be used to manage and report water footprint assessment. What is a water footprint assessment? Accordance with ISO 14046, Water footprint assessment:‌ - Evaluation is based on a life cycle - It is based on the size or scale. (This means that it is possible to show different stages of the life cycle water footprint water footprint can be summarized) - Identify potential environmental impact on water - Comprehensive and temporal dimensions Jgraveaaa linked Mai strongest - Changes in water quantity and water quality are identified - از دانش آب شناسي موجود استفاده مي کند به جهت به روز نگهداری این دوره منبع آموزشی در قالب زبان اصلی...