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Training and Productivity

بررسی تأثیرنقش و جایگاه آموزش بر توانمندسازی کارکنان

1- Tasyrnqsh review status of training on employee empowerment

...ی تا کارکنان ) The importance of education can . So we can conclude that : یکی از عواملی که تاثیر زیادی بر بهره وری داشته می تواند در بهبود آن نقش مهمی را ایفا کند آموزش نیروی انسانی است . New techniques and new initiatives to improve efficiency can not be without trained manpower at all levels of the organization to effectively create, or be used . Some studies have shown that a strong correlation exists between training and productivity . Even the economic development of comparative studies between different countries indicate that it is a country that has been trained manpower productivity and higher economic growth is . ● manpower training purposes : ▪ Midnight and Kvzmyt believe : Training objectives will determine the types, levels, skills, abilities, knowledge and attitudes of participants who complete the program will educate them on the important goal of education : ۱) کمک به تصمیم گ...