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Based training system

آموزش مبتنی بر سیستم

1- Based training system

Education is a human action that aims to help people to learn. Although <b class="highlight"> learning </ b> can also be done without education, but the effect on learning is a powerful teaching. What is education? A series of training events on various ways that learners learn more easily done. Training can be external or internal, is. Training events, which may include a printed page by a picture, television program providing an object or a combination of them done. If such events are supposed to be effective it must be programmed. Lesson is part of a larger plan to offer it as a part of a period is used. In fact, this part of the more comprehensive plan or course curriculum.. The purpose of the training and use of all facilities planning and design for learning. And A. ...

آموزش مبتنی بر سیستم

2- Based training system

Check (Approach) Education system: To assess the importance of the systems approach in education, we must first determine whether the education system really is? . هر یک از سیستم های جزئی برای خود هدفی دارند که آن هدف در خدمت هدف کلی است روی سیستم های همتای خود اثر می گذارند، تولید کننده هستند، اقتصاد را رعایت می کنند؛ پس یک سیستم است. با توجه به ماهیت سیستم ها در آموزش و پرورش و قابلیت بالقوه بی نظیری که رویکرد سیستمی می تواند در برخورد با مسائل پیچیده داشته باشد، پس آموزش و پرورش از رویکرد سیستمی بهره مند است. * Systems for learning: یادگیری: ...