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Welding Inspection Training

آموزش بازرسی جوش

1- Welding Inspection Training

Visual inspection vt Visual inspection of Introduction: در بسیاری از برنامه های تدوین شده توسط سازنده جهت کنترل کیفیت محصولات،از آزمون چشمی به عنوان اولین تست و یا در بعضی موارد به عنوان تنها متد ارزیابی بازرسی ،استفاده می شود.اگر آزمون چشمی بطور مناسب اعمال شود،ابزار ارزشمندی می تواند واقع گردد. In addition, the location of surface defects, visual inspection can be a fantastic technique to assist in identifying problems and post-construction monitoring process should be used. Eye test method to identify defects and surface flaws are. Consequently, the quality control program, which includes a visual inspection must contain a series of consecutive tests performed during all stages of work is the construction of. Thereby visual inspection of the defects of . Discover and repair the natural Web at the time, would be a significant cost reduction. Shown so many imperfections later ...