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Safety Training


1- Safety instruction caches

This tutorial will acquaint the student learning in relation safety training warehouses is presented, it is hoped, virtual classroom training, distance learning articles, books introduced. General Provisions: - All Pressure capsules (Oxygen, argon, and ...) Should be maintained in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Labour, move and be consumed. -These capsules should be stored in packed separately or as a stand and have always Cap. -Defective capsules, no milk cap, body piercings and no signs or symptoms.( Day & Label)از ...


2- Work at Height Safety Training

Work at Height Safety:Vvsayl personal protective equipment . 1.Education :مهمترین قسمت در نهادینه کردن فرهنگ ایمنی وکاهش حوادث ناشی از کار می باشد که این امر توسط کارشناسان با تجربه انجام میپذیرد .فبل از شروع کار تمامی تمهیدات لازم توسط مدیر ایمنی در محل به افراد تذکر داده میشود (Previously, individuals must have participated in training work at height) 2.Replace touch:Belt hooks or other equipment, working at heights where it will be blocked from Steady Wa ...