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Exam Preparation TOLIMO

آموزش مجازی آمادگی آزمون TOLIMO

1- TOLIMO Exam Preparation Course

توليمو چيست؟ تولیمو يا TOLIMO، مخفف The Test of Language by the Iranian Measurement Organization مي باشد که توسط سازمان سنجش آموزش کشور طراحي و اجرا مي شود که در واقع آزموني استاندارد براي تعيين سطح دانش <b class="highlight">زبان</b> انگليسي مي باشد. Book of questions and responses: In each test session, participants advanced English (TOLIMO) The book is a book written question(Book Number 1) And other test booklet(Book Number 2) Will be. Candidates must answer essay questions in the test booklet and answer the questions on the questionnaires answered by. The number of questions and answer period: - Book Number 1: Yek Sual explain to Nostara (Writing) Volunteer 30 Min has the opportunity to write the answer in the question booklet. - Book Number 2: Containing 140 Consists of multiple-choice questions and written (Structure and written expression)، خواندن و درک مطلب (Reading comprehension) و درک مطلب شفاهي يا شنيداري ...

پيام تبريك روز جهاني مترجم

2- Congratulation World Translator

Education Foundation Forums congratulated on the occasion of the International Day of translation every year, equal to thirty-ninth of September and October is celebrated by the international federation of translators, with training courses associated with this topic, translators and enthusiasts world. Courses to introduce: Comprehensive Grammar Zshy language training courses English.

آموزش مجازی آمادگی آزمون TOLIMO

3- آموزش مجازی آمادگی آزمون TOLIMO

آموزش مجازی آمادگی آزمون TOLIMO...